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A healthy, comfortable sex life doesn’t have to stop with menopause. If you’re experiencing menopausal vaginal dryness, stress incontinence, or vaginal laxity from childbirth, Randye Karmin, MD, offers FemTouch™ non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation at Miami Women Care, which can help restore your comfort and confidence. You can get the FemTouch™ laser treatment at the office located in the Dadeland area of Miami, Florida. For more information, call Miami Women Care or schedule an appointment online.

Non Surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation

What is FemTouch™ non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation?

FemTouch™ non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation is a minimally invasive treatment that improves vaginal atrophy — thinning of the vaginal walls — and laxity. The treatment itself is virtually pain-free and takes just 15 minutes.

While the team at Miami Women Care typically recommends three sessions for the most effective results, many women report significant changes in the lubrication and tightness of their vagina after one treatment.

What can the FemTouch™ laser treat?

Much like your skin, muscles, and bones, aging, and other life-changing events, like childbirth, affect your vagina. Fortunately, FemTouch™ vaginal rejuvenation is designed to treat many different vaginal concerns.  

After one to three sessions, the FemTouch™ can:

  • Improve vaginal atrophy
  • Reduce vaginal laxity
  • Improve stress urinary incontinence symptoms
  • Boost vaginal lubrication
  • Increase vaginal sensation
  • Tighten the vaginal opening

FemTouch™ vaginal rejuvenation also restores vaginal pH levels, which can significantly reduce recurring infections.

How does non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation work?

FemTouch™ is an internal CO2 ablative laser that stimulates the vaginal tissues to produce collagen — the main structural protein in your body’s connective tissues, which helps firm and tighten skin. 

By penetrating the vaginal walls and tissues, the FemTouch™ laser also stimulates new cell growth, so your vagina feels tighter and more lubricated.

What happens during a FemTouch™ treatment?

Little to no preparation is needed before FemTouch™ non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation. You should not schedule an appointment during your menstrual cycle or if you have an infection. You do not need a special appointment for the procedure, so it can be performed during a routine visit. 

FemTouch™ vaginal rejuvenation should not feel painful, though sensitivity and tenderness after the procedure are perfectly normal.

For the first 48 hours, it’s important to avoid hot tubs and refrain from sexual intercourse to avoid complications and allow the treatment to take effect.

FemTouch™ non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation is recommended for adult women who are no longer planning to have children. For more information on this effective treatment, call Miami Women Care or book a visit online.